About Us

Stanhope Garage was the brainchild of Samuel Robinson, a visionary businessman, who, back in 1920, saw the future of America’s cities becoming burdened by the growing number of ‘horseless carriages’ that began to emerge over the previous 20-years.  He convinced Louis Woodrand, a family relative who lived in New Jersey, to partner with him in purchasing a full-service auto repair shop at 31 Stanhope St., along with a gas station, car wash and a 400-car parking garage at 66-72 Stanhope Street, that is now part of John Hancock’s facilities.

Stanhope Flyer

Sometime before the state decided to build the Massachusetts Turnpike, Woodrand sold his interest in the business to Robinson, who eventually had to surrender the property to the state by eminent domain.  But Robinson already had begun to expand the Stanhope business and moved headquarters to 131 Clarendon Street.

Stanhope Garage

Five years earlier in 1957, Robinson wisely hired his grandson, Simon (Sy) Gottlieb, the current owner.   The young and energetic Gottlieb was instrumental in expanding the business to its present day 21-location parking empire in and around the City of Boston.  During his tenure, Gottlieb helped move the operations to 131 Clarendon Street in 1963; then to 25 Huntington Avenue in 1975 eventually settling into its current headquarters in Allston.